Who We Are

Swift Fit Events is a company in Austin that promotes health and wellness by organizing corporate and community programs across Texas.

Instead of relying on traditional team-building activities involving food and alcohol, Swift Fit Events offers a refreshing approach that combines fitness classes, mindfulness activities, and exciting local experiences.

We aim to encourage people to prioritize self-care and adopt healthy habits in a fun and accessible way.

Meet The Founder

Lee’s passion for bringing health and wellness to corporate spaces and group settings began years ago when he was working in the banking world.

He found that every conference centered around bar culture for socialization while omitting any physical activity or attempt at stress mitigation that wasn’t food- or alcohol-related.

After having multiple “Groundhog Day” experiences of boarding a plane back to Austin—exhausted, hungover, and fifteen pounds heavier—Lee kept thinking about how outdated and uninspiring these events were and how vital exercise was to someone's overall well-being and sense of community.

In Austin, Lee operated a running tour company part-time for 8 years. He regularly got requests from visiting conferences and corporate events to put on running events but would routinely get asked about group fitness classes, yoga and meditation for attendees.

Realizing that he had an opportunity to bring his passion for fitness and wellness into an underserved industry – he created Swift Fit Events to inject healthier options into corporate and conference events – where they seem to be lacking.